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Kahaaniya – stories that connect

It’s easier to tell someone’s story and relate and share among your friends and colleagues. But, it’s even easier to tell your own story. Your story may be about you, about anything that happened in your life, but if it’s more of you, then it’s worth it.

Talk about your day, your bad days, your good days; your time, your worst time that made you lose everything you had, and your brightest moment where you made it through, tell them about your failures, successes, breakups, patch-ups or even your pets. Because stories are relatable. Every story connects emotions, and people. It may be yours, mine, or the person who’s sitting next to you on the train or office, or just passing by or even reading a book.

Sometimes, it’s not the person that connects you but their stories.

We’ve been inked and linked to so many such beautiful stories through books, open mics, YouTube videos, or short stories or even movies. When I think about stories and movies, there comes the first name – Imtiaz Ali, the storyteller. Okay, this time I will not shy away from sharing that there’s a big fan in me! A fan of his story, his words, and his magic stick! Ali, a storyteller or a magician who just knows how to fix the broken pieces of life, love, and laughter. He recites the stories through his alluring characters and astounding. Like I said that we relate to people’s stories more than the people themselves, to some we showcase our emotions, while to some we choose to hide and help.

Remember “Jab We Met“, the one with “me apni favorite hu (I am my own favorite)”. Yes, the same “Geet”, the chirpy, full-of-life-and-love person who prioritizes herself, her self love over the rest and who knows her priorities and instincts are sorted and at their best. Her vivacious vibes could make anyone fall for her but she knew what she needed and held no one responsible over her actions whether good or bad. While Aditya is the introvert guy who fears because of a bad past. When they met accidentally on the train, Geet, shows her true side to Aditya narrating his own story which he himself never knew about. She gave him another life, rather a second chance to get back, clean up the mess and rise again. But who could tell that she herself would find another Geet in herself- a quieter and who’s immensely lost in life? How unworthy she felt when Anshuman denied his love for her. Her heart was smashed into pieces, which she feared to collect back. Her vibes, unprecedented. And just when we thought we had lost her, our storyteller plays with his magic wand. And this time, love blossoms again just like dandelions in spring.

We are taken aback through a whirlwind of sorrows, laughter, and words with the characters but this time you connected with every version of that person. Did you notice something?? We were introduced to the same person but with their differences and their versions. One, the world knew about and the other who was still on a quest to find herself.

Version – every person has their version. Unbelievable, right? But Imtiaz wants us to retrospect through his characters, stories, and drama, the way he showed Ved & Tara, the real ones.
Versions, not everyone gets to see the real one. Some people choose to show their real version only to their close ones while some are just happy enjoying every bit of it and for some, they choose to run away.

While the world is busy waking up and getting into the race to win, Tara on the other side is desperately searching for her Ved (the real one). She visits the place where she believes she might find her don someday. Who could even imagine that her DON is a part of the man-made race and was once like a charming dream? When Tara finally meets the man of her dreams, Don, now Ved, (like Rigveda), her happiness knows no bounds. She could not resist expressing her feelings to him but she soon realizes he’s not the same. Ved too falls in love with her but somewhere Tara seems to be unhappy. The outspoken Tara finally breaks the barriers and tries to show Ved his real version. This hits Ved like a storm and like many, he chooses to run away. She reminds him of his true self, she explains him

“Ye sab nakli hai,tum toh nadi mein mooh daalkar paani peete ho yaar jaanwar ki tarah,
tum toh pahado se baatein karte ho,
tum woh ho.”
(This is fake. You drink water from the river like the animals,you talk with the mountains,you are that person)

She makes him reconnect to his own story he is hiding within himself years ago. He hurts himself miserably and chooses not to accept his other version, the real one. Tara is heartbroken too but she leaves no stone unturned to make Ved realize his true self. Both are torn into pieces, one who is in search of her true love and the other is busy exploring the journey unfolded within. Ved could have never accepted the fact because his version was torn apart due to rejection of love and that too with a reason he was hiding from himself. Pretty complex, unlike Tara, right?

But our magician, yet again reminds us of

“Kahani kahani hoti hai,
aur wo har jagah chalti hai,
har waqt”
(“A story is a story,
and it keeps going,

and then he spins the wheel

“wahi kahani phir ek baar,
majnu ne liye kapde faad,
maar tamasha bich bazar”

and gives us the beautifully crafted “Tamasha“.

He shows version of two beautiful souls who love each other in their equal versions but one fails to realize the real he and fears to accept. The other one is shattered too but more reluctant to tell her soulmate to accept and live the way his soul wants.

Don returns! Ved meets the old baba who makes him understand that you have the power to tell your own story, no one else can write yours.

Ved finally reaches his destination, finds his true self and becomes the Don who was still finding his gold and his love, Mona darling.

We are so engrossed in how Ved unfolds his journey that we forgot Tara. The one who lost her love again but she did not lose her hope for love. She was dreadfully hurt too but she chose to hide it. Sleepless nights, teary eyes, and she was going through so much along with Ved yet beaming and understanding Ved like always. She was like the calm moon to the brightly burning Ved who had lost to find himself back. To me, Tara was the real gem hidden.

How brilliantly, Imtiaz keeps connecting the dots that were once misaligned.

In a world of hopeless search for love and togetherness, Aditya found his true love, Geet and Tara finally gets her soulmate Ved.

Stories again met stories and this world becomes even merrier ever.

“Kyu ki har Baar Ek hi kahani kyu.
Ye meri kahani hai
aur agar iska end pasand nai aaya to badal dete hai”
Kahaniyan, kuch tumhari, kuch meri,
kuch uski, to kuch iski.
Hoti hai diljasp, kabhi hasati hai to kabhi rulati.
Ye kahaniya, un kitaabi panno ki tarah hoti hai jo jod deti hai,
tumhare zindagi k ek chhote hisse ko kisi dusre k.
Ye panne kabhi fat jaate to kabhi bikhar jate waqt k sath,
par yahi waqt unhe kareeb le aata hai phir ek baar,
unhi kahaniyo ko phir se dohraata hai.
Stories, some belong to you, some are mine,
some his or hers.
They are interesting, sometimes they will make you laugh and sometimes cry.
These stories are like the pages of books that connect all of us,
connect your life’s small moments to each other.
These pages might tear down or fall apart sometimes,
But time will unite them again,
Time will repeat the same old story again.


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