April - in the times of quarantine and fight against Corona
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In the times of corona..

The lovely March has passed the baton to its dearest friend hoping that we continue moving at this pace with ease fighting the deadly corona. It too has passed on some bittersweet memories with sentiments of belief, faith, and melancholy from the past. While the fight towards the coronavirus continues, March gives hope that things are going to become ‘normal’ again.

Nature v/s Humans

March secretly wishes April to look after the bestowed blessings it received while the humans are locked down away from their ‘normal’ life. It believes that ‘normal’ shall be too mainstream because once this is over, they’ll be back to the disruption game.

The rivers, lakes, and families of the water bodies who’ve rejuvenated themselves will come back to their ‘normal’ phases with tonnes of polluted waste and plastic. The trees, shrubs, and plants too shall lose their shades to the humans’ curb to take over the world yet again. The wildlife, marine animals, and the species that have regained their reigns and have forever vowed to be together in the native ecosystem will have to surrender themselves to the human gluttony; some would be beaten to death while some will be in the frying pans while the humans waiting with their plates, forks, and knives.

April too has supported this. Recognizing the palpable situation and the repercussions, it has fiercely taken charge of the fight against corona. Vowing that it shall keep an eye on the climate, the green layer of this blue planet, the ozone, and the vibrant skies sketched with grey-white clouds. The challenge is ‘real’ compared to the virtual lives the humans have been living through all these years before the deadly pandemic hit their lives and put it to a long pause.

Together, March and April exchanged some giggles too on how we humans have stupidly played the ‘Destruction Season 1’ for a long time but in a way we have been fooling ourselves. Now, all they have is hiding away briskly, enjoying their lives while Netflix and chilling staying in a parallel universe perpendicularly aligned to their dreams and wants. The escape from coronavirus remains the need of the hour. But we the selfish sapiens will have to unite for a better and peaceful world where each of us sees less of such morons and more genuine souls who respect the harmony of mother nature and the human spirit.

April keeps faith that this shall end soon not today, not tomorrow, but someday.

More than anything, he wishes there’s less of greediness, selfishness and more of harmony because that’s how ‘normal’ should be, right? Like March, it hopes too that the way the entire world has stood united against one hideous Coronavirus, it shall unite back to take care of this ‘back to a normal’ planet and ever for everything but beautiful.

Till ‘en “Stay Home, Stay Safe” and rework on your responsibilities.

Happy quarantine reading!!

  • rageshree iyengar
    Posted at 12:11h, 11 April Reply

    Very well written.. let’s pray together so that we come out of this situation and not let April share a Giggle with May 🙂

  • Shweta
    Posted at 12:56h, 17 April Reply

    Very true! Maybe this pandemic is a lesson to the humankind and let’s hope people might change after all this is over

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