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Why in life..?

Why in life do we come across
certain people
who can wind up the mess
in our polluted minds?

Who can suck out the
impurities from the heart and
purify it only with feelings;
that is true beyond life.

Why in life do they come
to bring sanity and peace,
and sense the uneasiness
and fears only to erase it all at once?

With whom you long to spend every day,
every minute, every second to
make this life worth living.

Why in life does someone
make you the best version of yourself,
and make you feel special
every single time?

Who can set you free
from the bondage of life
in a jiffy?

Why in life do you meet someone
who can make the rainbow and
the sunshine together
on the same part?

Who can make the monochrome
look like those vibrant colours
in every flower of nature.

Why in life do you come across
certain people
just to know you’re not together
for this life.


  • Dhyey Joshi
    Posted at 14:59h, 20 October Reply

    You come across certain people in life
    Because it’s not much easy live life as a “LONER”

    They come across and make you the best version of yourself
    Beacuse they are meant to be “SPECIAL”

    They come across and suck out the impurities from the heart
    Because staying alone can lead you to whole loads of “NEGATIVITY”

  • Arth Doshi
    Posted at 18:57h, 20 October Reply

    Very well thought and written. You got a new fan????

  • Haarika
    Posted at 19:46h, 23 October Reply

    Thoughtful and straight from heart ! ????

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